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Integrated Solutions in Risk Management

Risk is inherent in most every sector of your business, from regulatory and financial to human resources and operations. But when professionally analyzed, the resulting risk avoidance strategies can lead to opportunities for growth and increased revenue.

We work to create alignments within corporate governance, strategy and operations to create a culture that is supportive of the ERM mission. This allows us to break down silos, identify risk drivers and approach risk management in a comprehensive way. The resulting ERM framework provides clear objectives and a path to implementation.

Guiding Principles

  • Establish the ERM Mission

  • Gather evidence across the enterprise

  • Use data, metrics and KPIs

  • Discover risk drivers

  • Optimize organizational preparedness

  • Integrate ERM outcomes into strategic plans

  • Create value and improvement

  • Supply products and solutions

  • Measure and track outcomes

Eight Risk Domains

  • Operational

  • Employee and Patient Safety

  • Strategic

  • Financial

  • Human Capital

  • Legal and Regulatory

  • Technology

  • Hazards

At Enterprise Risk Management we use an evidence-based approach to manage uncertainty and design proactive strategies that create value and increase performance across the enterprise.

Working together, we do more than identify challenges… we provide the potential to achieve more.

Leadership Experience
  • Medical Executive Committees

  • Joint Ventures

  • Co-Management

  • Board of Trustees

  • Strategic Plan Development and Management

  • Claims Investigations

  • Preparation for Litigation & Legal Proceedings

  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

  • Survey and Accreditation Preparation

  • Quality of Care and Peer Review

Projects and Programs
  • Cath Lab Renovation and Expansion Project

  • Heart Failure Program Accreditation

  • Stroke Program Accreditation (TJC)

  • Electrophysiology Program Creation 

  • Creating Critical Access to Cardiology in Rural Communities

  • Hospital and Medical Staff Merger 

  • Revenue Mapping for De Novo Residency Program in New Hospital

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